Press Reports

16 December 2016

The authors of this website and blog have been featured in numerous press reports. Here are links to some recent items in the financial arena (most recent listed last):
  1. Natalie Wolchover, "As math grows more complex, will computers reign?," Wired, 4 Mar 2013: HTML
  2. Lisa M. Krieger, "Supercomputers could generate warning system for stock market crashes," San Jose Mercury News, 14 Apr 2013: HTML
  3. Jeffrey Kutler, "The supercomputer solution," Institutional Investor, 25 Apr 2013: HTML
  4. [no author] "Should you trust your financial advisor? Pseudo-mathematics and financial charlatanism," ScienceDaily, 10 Apr 2014: HTML
  5. Saijel Kishan, "Computer models often use unsound math, researchers say," Bloomberg News, 11 Apr 2014: HTML
  6. Stephen Foley, "Ban pseudo-maths from investing," Financial Times, 16 Apr 2014; HTML
  7. Brendon Conway, "Is a too-perfect ETF backtest a fraud?," Barrons, 17 Apr 2014; HTML
  8. Cathy Scott, "Interview with David Bailey," Institutional Investor Journals," 23 Apr 2014; HTML
  9. Ryan Jacobs, "The dangerous mathematical con of hedge funds and financial advisers," Pacific Standard, 28 Apr 2014; HTML
  10. John Rekenthaler, "Voodoo investment strategies: Mathematicians on the attack," Morningstar, 8 May 2014; HTML
  11. Jason Zweig "Huge returns at low risk? Not so fast," Wall Street Journal, 27 Jun 2014; HTML
  12. Michael P. Regan, "Beware overfitting models even if they win baseball bets," Bloomberg News, 30 Oct 2014; HTML
  13. Brett Steenbarger, "Do market prophets bring market profits?," TraderFeed blog, 03 Dec 2014; HTML
  14. Shawn Langlois, "This 'hideously expensive' market has given the 'show horse' pundits fits," MarketWatch, 04 Dec 2014; HTML
  15. [no author] "Fiddling with figures," Automated Trader, Winter 2015, pg. 53-58; HTML
  16. Campbell R. Harvey and Yan Liu, "Evaluating trading strategies," Journal of Portfolio Management, which cites our work, featured in "False hope," Economist, 19 Feb 2015; HTML
  17. Bradley Hope, "How computers trawl a sea of data for stock picks," Wall Street Journal, 1 Apr 2015; HTML
  18. Nathan Vardi, "Rich formula: Math and computer wizards now billionaires thanks to quant trading secrets," Forbes, 29 Sep 2015; HTML
  19. Brett Steenbarger, "How we fall for the greatest con job of all," Forbes, 25 Dec 2015; HTML
  20. [no author] "Why smart beta funds will disappoint?," CXO Advisory Group, 18 Mar 2016; HTML
  21. Alexander Campbell, "Research uncovers new sources of financial model risk,", 20 May 2016; HTML
  22. Saijel Kishan, "Six degrees of quant: Kevin Bacon and the Erdos number mystery," Bloomberg, 11 Nov 2016; HTML
  23. Mike Breen and Annette Emerson, "David Bailey, Jonathan Borwein, Andrew Mattingly, and Glenn Wightwick to Receive 2017 AMS Conant Prize," American Mathematical Society, 2 Dec 2016; HTML